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Written and compiled by our team of experts, these papers provide valuable insights and practical advice to help unlock the value currently trapped in Data Silos: teams, individuals, projects, skills, knowledge and datasets.

At Dexcent IDS, we believe that knowledge sharing is key to success. By offering these resources, we hope to better equip innovation leaders with insights that help ensure their projects deliver predicably positive outcomes to the business.


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Matrikon® Announces Partnership with Dexcent IDS to Enhance Data Interoperability for Industrial IoT

Edmonton, AB, May 1, 2023 - Matrikon®, a leading vendor-neutral supplier of OPC UA and OPC-based data interoperability products for control automation, has announced a new partnership with Dexcent IDS, a software solutions provider for industrial data systems.

Dexcent IDS selects Lime Tree Media as its Digital Marketing partner to Create its online presence.

Victoria, BC, June 5, 2023 - Dexcent IDS, a solutions consulting company for industrial data systems, is excited to announce that it has selected Lime Tree Media as its Digital Marketing partner. The partnership will focus on enhancing Dexcent I and Dexcent Partner to Streamline Industrial Data Management for the IIoT

Redwood City, CA, Aug 11, 2023 -, a leading provider of cloud-based data management solutions, has announced a new partnership with Dexcent, a software solutions provider for industrial data systems. The partnership will focus on streamlining industrial data

Dexcent IDS Announces Strategic Partnership with Aveva to Resell Industry-Leading Asset Management Software

Edmonton, AB, Oct 1, 2023— Dexcent IDS, a global leader in integrated digital solutions for industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, and utilities, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Aveva, a world-renowned provider of industrial software solutions.

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Table of Content

1. Purpose
1.1. Purpose and Goals
1.2. Why The Industrial DataOps Process Is Needed?
1.3. Industrial DataOps Practitioner Engagement
1.3.1. Oversee An Existing Industrial DataOps Program
1.3.2. High Data Secrecy Organizations
1.3.3. Full Engagement
1.4. Principles
1.4.1. Know Your Data
1.4.2. Curate Your Data
1.4.3. Unify Your Data
1.4.4. Analyze Your Data
1.4.5. Hardware, Software, and People Working Together
1.5. Lifecycle
2. Intention
2.1. Scope
2.2. Assumptions
3. Terminology & References
3.1. Definitions
3.2. Acronyms and Abbreviations
3.3. Industry References, Standards, Regulations and Guidelines
3.4. Site Related References, Standards, Regulations and Guidelines
4. Expectations and Responsibilities
4.1. Roles
4.2. Role Job Description
4.3. Role Assignment
5. Opportunity Identification
5.1. Need Initiated
5.2. Improvement Initiated
7. Baselining
7.1. Data Rationalization
7.2. Data Justification
7.3. Data Impact
7.4. Data Flow
7.4.1. Data Producer
7.4.2. Data Path
7.4.3. Data Consumer
7.5. Data Good State
7.5.1. Failure Conditions
7.5.2. Warning Conditions
7.5.3. Abnormal Conditions
7.6. Data Processing Team
8. Target Confidence Factors
9. Critical Success Factors
10. Risk Analysis / Mitigation Plan
10.1. Risk Analysis
10.2. Mitigation Plan
11. Technology Selection
11.1. Hardware
11.2. Software
11.3. People
12. Project Execution
12.1. Project Synergy
12.2. Project Synergy
12.3. Resource Acquisition
12.4. Scheduling
12.5. Implementation
12.6. Training
12.7. Maintenance
12.8. Contingency
13. Evaluation Vs Baseline
14. Calibration & Sustainment
14.1. Training
14.2. Maintenance
14.3. Obsolescence
15. Continuous Improvement Process
15.1. Continuous Process Documentation
15.2. Audit
16. Management Of Change (MOC)
16.1. Applicability
16.2. Methodology